Federated timeline

Current Dropbox usage:

1.4% of 11GB

Almost all shared folders have been successfully moved. It's mostly the Public folder where I store e.g. press kits.

From talk at JUG meetup today.

The main takeaway for me is that passkeys aren’t a stupid idea,

and that babies uses the techniques from email phishing: bombarding you with cries for attention until you cave in.

Listening to a talk at a local meetup.

sounds like a cool thing to have for this for device-bound passkeys.


How does YubiKey earn one’s trust?

With everything home-cooked one knows who’s responsible for damage. With 3rd party, you’re still to blame to trust the wrong company :/

In a lot of things are zero-overhead abstractions.

There being no overhead, there's no excuse not to wrap things in your own `structs` except that it's effort.

That's the point of this. To spend effort writing the right thing to avoid thinking the wrong thing in the future.

If you use a text editor to create Markdown that's destined for GitHub, let me recommend a tool that's indispensable to me: Marked 2

You point it at the file you're editing and every time you save, it previews the changes in another window. You can set different display themes, but I mainly use the built-in one for GitHub.

Saves a huge amount of time by avoiding markup errors that get committed, identified as incorrect on GitHub, fixed, and then recommitted.


I really need a `isOnWindows` check on my website so that I display a warning to people who are not running macOS to not buy the app.

I've been living with a 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz mp3 version of Kyuss - Green Machine since 8th grade.

Today I discovered that while the Apple Music version sounds similar, it's not as *thick*.

Thick like chewing on a carpet.