Were JavaScript arrays always objects with numbers for keys?!

Huge Blackout Hits Banks, Airports And More

"Windows machines are reportedly failing to boot, with unconfirmed reports suggesting the problem lies with the software of firm ."

Avoid additional software such as detection (except Defender) and if you think long-term, plan your migration path to . 😉

Background: karl-voit.at/2024/07/17/Micros

I wish Taylor Swift would have been born Taylor Swaft or Taylor Swuft. Anything to make the "Swift" hashtag search in Mastodon be more focused

Oddly, (the documentation app) stopped working in the pre-subscription version a couple of days (weeks) ago:

I can't click any links in the Apple docs anymore.

Ruby and PHP still work fine.

Found a crasher -- because I've been sticking to typealiases for Int for too long and did what needed to happen eventually: mix them up!

It's using UTF8Offset in both places even though one is supposed to be UTF16Offset


Woke up to Xcode not linking the new build, 10mins later it all works!

~1.5 days of shuffling dependencies to make the linker happy with mixed SPM/Carthage.

I may have figured out how to use SPM with a .dynamic product + "@‍_exported import". Let's call this the "Umbrella Package".

To my surprise, I still needed to link against 1 package from the re-exported list in all test targets. That's it.

It's a bit strange.