Does anyone remember a classic banner ad size on the web from the late 1990's/early 2000's? I only recall the 88x31 buttons. I believe banners were about 400px wide. 🤔

The problem with home row modifier keys is that you learn to love home row mods and then you can't use them on a MacBook's keyboard.

I type 'j' a lot, which is the right hand side shift key. Also ; for control.

ME: Hello computer! Please show me what I was doing recently

COMPUTER IN THE 1980's: l cease to exist when I am powered off. Please start whatever you were doing from scratch

COMPUTER IN THE 2000's: Yep here you go champ

COMPUTER IN THE 2020's: I stored 10,000 identical copies of what you were doing in 500 different global datacentres at a carbon footprint equivalent to leaving a semi-trailer idling 24/7 and also sent a copy to the FBI just to be safe. Let me know which one you want and I'll do my best to figure it out. By the way here are 10 things which are similar to what you were doing and 9 of them are ads. Do you like this? Please select "I love this very much" or "I'll be in love with this later" to continue

If you see the error below when switching SwiftUI previews from a macOS target to an iOS target the following WILL NOT help:

• Cleaning the build
• Killing CoreSimulator processes
• Quitting and restarting Xcode

What WILL work is finding another tab with a hidden preview canvas for the wrong platform. And the subsequent swearing.

/cc @curtclifton

Huh, TIL you can set your wallpaper from Emacs. Open an image file, press


. You can also set the command and args that do this:

(setq wallpaper-command "feh")
(setq wallpaper-command-args '("--bg-fill" "%f"))


What always disturbs me about - neovim is a tui application, which still manages to look better (all the hints, esp. inline) and offer a better experience and more unified UX with fzf-lua while being so much faster. I think gui, while being claimed as a big plus is, in fact, the weakest part of emacs. It is slow, inflexible(no inline, git-gutter is a catastrophe to configure, no popovers so buffers are appearing left and right) and just feels dated.

Success! 🎉

Decoupled presentation (CSS) from content (HTML) so now feature images and their text can alter being displayed left/right for even/odd rows!

The phone version looks much better now since I can write each item with heading + text first, icon second.

Today is more and day! 💖 My favorite part of web dev, actually. I really love to write and learn these original languages.

Zettelkasten.de website update should be done by the end of this week

Modern is really fun, actually.

I'm updating old CSS files that used normalize.css and modernizr base styles, IE6 (!) shims, and -built grid layouts with floats.

CSS grids are amazing.

Flexbox is a huge help for stuff in boxes that needs to be laid out.

Viewport width/height allows for responsiveness on the pixel level, not just breakpoints.

I'm having a blast!