I need help.

It's 2024 and I still need to enter my SSH key in the Terminal once after a reboot of my Mac.

How do y'all do this stuff nowadays?

I already have this to no avail in my ~/.ssh/config

Host *
IgnoreUnknown AddKeysToAgent,UseKeychain
UseKeychain yes
AddKeysToAgent yes
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Git clients like GitUp just fail with an SSH error, never ask for a password

Hot damn,

is there no decent filter/effect/fill tool for any of the good digital drawing apps that produces 1-bit dithering?

Like MacPaint 1.5 basically.

It's all either an effect to apply a dithering algorithm to a colorful image, or a gradient.

Tried Acorn, Affinity Designer and Photos, and Aseprite.

I'm too old to use a pixel tool to draw diagonal lines at 2px spacing

I never got this error in an AppKit/macOS app, yet:

CLIENT ERROR: TUINSRemoteViewController does not override -viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: and thus cannot react to catastrophic errors beyond logging them

Catastrophic errors!

Oh my.

In other news, the cold water faucet in our kitchen began to sputter.

Sounds very much like when you turn on the water mains connection after installing a new faucet and the air is being pushed out.

I wouldn't know where the air would come from, or where the water that should be in its stead went to.

I don't want to start a political discussion.

I wonder, "philosophically" more or less, though, what kind of incentives are missing for so many people.

Context: There are very loud (maybe majority, maybe minority) voices that want to ban a party that is considered "right wing" in the traditional sense.

Problem: If you ban the existence of a group that many people associate with, what outlet will they look for, next?

Is there an attractive alternative so they can participate somewhere else?

Can’t get charged because some Audi SUV dickhead plugged into the rapid charger at the park+ ride and then got on a bus 2hrs ago. SWARCO won’t force a disconnect even though they can surely tell how long a car has been plugged in and charge state. The chargers should auto disconnect after an hour or 80% full because this is ridiculous when there’s only two available for several miles. Increasingly thinking of going back to petrol since they’re doing a terrible job of managing limited chargers

v0.3 of Heffalump (a Mastodon client for PalmOS) is out now! This release (finally) adds the ability to view your own past toots, as well as replies (to both your own and others' toots).

You can grab the app and the conduit installer from the release here: github.com/knickish/heffalump_ or read more about Heffalump generally here: knickish.com/palm/rust/2023/09